27.08.2012 Workshop notification

An interesting workshop that can be used to recapitulate some results of the project and point to still unsolved issues in smart environments is the Workshop on Ambient Intelligence Infrastructures. Maybe we will meet there for a discussion?

21.08.2012 New video online

A new video is available: Conversative Cocktail Companion

The CCC makes use of the SmartProducts platform, speech recognition, a 3D avatar and a Microsoft Kinect to observe users nearby and approach them as they come closer. Have a look at the video section!

22.02.2012 - SmartProducts at IUI

Maurits Kaptein presented persuasive based technologies to influence eating behavior of users at the IUI 2012 (http://iuiconf.org/).

He explained how tailored messages at the right time presented to a user can change his behavior regarding eating and reduce the amount of snacking.

This technologies are developed and used in the Smart Kitechen application part of SmartProducts.


The IUI 2012 (http://iuiconf.org/) is the annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community and serves as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces.


Topic: Adaptive Persuasive Systems: A Study of Tailored Persuasive Text Messages to Reduce Snacking

Website: http://iuiconf.org

06.06.2012 - Final Project Report available

The public version of the final project report has been completed now and is available for download in the publications page (direct link). The document contains an overview about the results of the work on the different aspects that have been in the focus of the project.

15.02.2012 - Final version of the SmartProducts platform has been released

The final version of the platform can be downloaded from the SVN repository. With this version of the platform, all modules have been marked as functional and it is possible to build own applications.


For details on how to obtain the platform or build an application, please have a look into our FAQ.

30.04.2012 Impressions of SmartProducts

P1090474Even after the project has officially ended, work is still going on. Thus, we decided to release from time to time pictures to provide small impressions.

The first picture has been taken at the final SmartProducts review and shows the SmartSteamer that was used to demonstrate the guidance feature of the platform.

09.02.2012 - 'Making Sense of Microposts' workshop at WWW 2012

SmartProducts ecosystems acquire proactive knowledge from a number of sources, including that distributed via the Web, by end users from all walks of life. This includes rapid exchange of timely, context-based information using very concise messages - 'microposts' - via online social media platforms. This method of information creation, access and reuse has been made popular by simplified access, due to, among others, smart, ubiquitous technology. The result is an increasingly valuable and enormous data repository, that is fed back into myriad applications.
The WP8 SmartProducts Smart Kitchen use case, and also to a smaller extent, the WP9 Smart Car, reuse knowledge acquired from a variety of end users, and exploit also such data, e.g., a recipe shared via Facebook or Twitter, tips on cooking a meal or car maintenance, exchanged between enthusiasts in an online social network.

By virtue of being large-scale, inter-connected, but also distributed, aggregated micropost data also engenders further research on how to optimise the extraction and reuse of its knowledge content. The #MSM2012 workshop aims to bring together researchers from different fields to contribute opinions and information on the use of microposts, both from machine-driven and user-centred perspectives.

A workshop organiser and members of the PC have been drawn from the SmartProducts consortium. The workshop will be held as part of the WWW 2012 conference, on Monday, 16th April 2012, in Lyon, France

Workshop website: http://socsem.open.ac.uk/msm2012
Conference website: http://www2012.org

18.04.2012 - Final Approval of SmartProducts Results

We are proud to announce that the SmartProducts project ended with good results.

After the consortium presented the results at the final review, all deliverables have been carefully inspected by the EU reviewers.  All documents have been accepted and the project was rated as successful. 

19.12.2011 - SmartProducts at INTERACT2011

SmartProducts was represented at the INTERACT 2011 Workshop on Promoting and Supporting Healthy Living by Design. The following paper was presented:

Toet, E., Meerbeek, B., Hoonhout, J. (2011). Supporting mindful eating: InBalance chopping board. In proc. INTERACT 2011 Workshop on Promoting and Supporting Healthy Living by Design, p49-52 (2011)

The paper can be found in our section Publications.






15.03.2012 - Final SmartProducts Project Review

The final SmartProducts review is currently held in Luxemburg. Our project staff is looking forward to present the final project achievements to both, the three external reviewers as well as the EC personnel.

19.12.2011 - Second Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects

Our goal is to leverage the discussion between researches from several disciplines and thus to advance the research of interacting with smart objects. To stimulate discussion between the workshop participants we plan a poster and demo session. We want to spark further discussions during in-depth discussions on selected topics. We accept submissions in the following categories (Submission Deadline: January 6, 2012):

- position paper (2 pages)

- short papers / demo papers (4 pages)

- full papers (6 pages)


The workshop will be held on February 14, 2012.

Link: http://www.smart-objects.org